T Jazelle Buffalo

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Custom Made T. Jazelle Buffalo exclusive designed here at Beulah's.

One side of sterling silver charm has a Buffalo, and the other side says "a token of strength"

The Buffalo symbolizes protection, courage and strength. Wear this charm as a reminder that no matter how far you may roam Buffalo will always be home!

Green Jade  - Known as a lucky stone. Also known as the stone of abundance, wealth and prosperity.

Dumortierite  - Known as the stone of confidence. Worn to bring strength, patience and courage.

Goldstone - The stone of ambition and dreams. Worn to guard against negative energy.

Pink Tiger’s Eye  - Known as the stone of fearlessness and strength.

Purple Tiger’s Eye - The stone of optimism. Worn to amplify positivity.

Turquoise Jasper -Known as the stone of friendship, creativity and encouragement.

Amethyst A calming stone. Worn to relieve stress and anxiety.

Apatite Known as the stone of courage and creativity.
Arctic Apatite The stone of courage and creativity.
Blue Lace Agate Known as the stone of tranquility and grace.
Moonstone Known as the stone of love, healing and luck.
Morganite Known as the stone of dreams. Worn to bring healing, prosperity and peace
Pearl Shell The shell of the ocean and tranquility.
Pink Opal The stone of clarity, balance and inspiration.
Rose Quartz The stone of unconditional love and healing. Worn to help bring calmness to the body.