Energize from the outside ,  In :Gua Sha Facial Tools


The practice of gua sha massage has roots in ancient folk remedies and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Facial gua sha massage techniques use handheld crystal tools to gently rub the skin of the face and neck, generating inner vitality, or qi (chi), within the body. This internal activation has a glowing outward effect on skin appearance. Facial massage has gained popularity in many cultures as a holistic spa treatment and soothing addition to at-home beauty practices.

Gua sha facial massage is both a relaxing and rejuvenating method of self-care. Clearing blockages to inner vitality improves circulation, reduces tension, increases muscle tone, and smooths facia. Immune health is also balanced by stimulating the lymphatic system, which releases toxins and excess fluids stored within the body. These internal benefits lead to improvement in overall skin appearance and a sustained state of well-being.

PURE Crystalline Facial Beauty Tools offer a modern take on the ancient practice of incorporating crystals into skincare rituals. Increased consumer focus on holistic lifestyle practices (those intended for overall well-being) reminds us that beauty is not skin deep – we must address beauty from the inside out. Our beauty tools are designed to enhance an inner glow that shines through to the surface.

GLOW Crystal Massage Tool gently reduces facial puffiness and tension, in addition to the soothing benefits of rose quartz. SUBLIME Crystal Sculpting Tool rejuvenates skin and activates circulation in combination with the uplifting benefits of green aventurine.



Keys For Unlocking Your Gua Sha Ritual



  • Set intention for holistic well-being when using tools
  • Wash tools with soap and warm water before and after use
  • Cleanse, tone, and moisturize face and neck before using tools
  • Apply facial serum or oil to face and neck after using tools
  • Avoid use on areas with active breakouts or skin conditions